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Default Wallet setting

Dapps work by communicating with a special object that Brave Wallet and extensions like MetaMask provide named window.ethereum. Only one wallet can provide window.ethereum to websites. In Brave, we expose a setting in brave://settings/wallet to be able to change which wallet provides window.ethereum.

Here's a description of each setting:

  • Brave Wallet (Prefer extensions) - This is the default. Brave Wallet will expose window.ethereum but allow other extensions such as MetaMask to overwrite it.
  • Brave Wallet - Exposes window.ethereum and prevents sites and extensions from changing window.ethereum.
  • Crypto Wallets (Deprecated) - Gives access to the old deprecated wallet. This option is not compatible with other extensions such as MetaMask.
  • None - window.ethereum will not be provided by Brave Wallet at all. If you have enabled an extension such as MetaMask, it is free to use window.ethereum.

After changing the default wallet, it is best to restart your browser. Why?

  • If you had Crypto Wallets loaded, it won't be unloaded until the next restart. When Crypto Wallets is loaded it will not work properly with other extensions trying to access window.ethereum.
  • Existing tabs (ones already opened) will not change to use the new wallet setting, you need a new tab or a browser restart.